Details Of All 4 Market Sectors and Opportunities Within Each Sector

First and foremost, watch the following on your TAP™ Portal on the site:


Tap™ 2.0 – Day 2: Opportunity 1 – MANGO

Tap™ 2.0 – Day 2: Opportunity 2 – TWISM

Tap™ 2.0 – Day 2: Opportunity 3 – CrowdPoint

Tap™ 2.0 – Day 2: Opportunity 4 – Sustainable Food and Health


MANGO Opportunity – 1st Market Sector Webinar

TWISM Opportunity – 2nd Market Sector Webinar

CrowdPoint Opportunity – 3rd Market Sector Webinar

Sustainable Food and Health Opportunity – 4th Market Sector Webinar

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