Welcome to TAP™

Most intelligent people know that everything is not as it appears! Truth will never be suppressed and as the light begins to illuminate the truth, the world will see the facts as they truly are, regardless of the deceptions being espoused by the world’s governments and the mainstream media. As a result, this particular time in human history is an incredibly important and exciting time to be alive.  It was in the middle of this time, that TAP™ was born. 


What Is TAP™?

“TAP™” is an acronym which stands for TRANSFORMING ABUNDANCE POTENTIAL. The “TAP™ into Reality” Mindset Program became a world class mindset program virtually overnight!

“TAP™ is the modern day version of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.  TAP™ will help you achieve a mindset essential not just to survive, but to actually THRIVE.  It will give you more than what you need to change your life dramatically.

The core of the program is based on what Dr. Buttar discovered as the differences defining success vs failure he observed in his cancer patients (lived vs died). Cancer is the ultimate test of mindset with success vs failure literally determining who lives and who dies. Now more than ever, the correct mindset is critical during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Watch the videos below to see the impact  “TAP™ had on the people who joined, just after the first 24 hours of training from just the first day of training alone! And that’s just the beginning.

What Drives TAP™

Dr. Buttar’s personal life mission has always been to empower the global society inhabiting our planet with as much information and knowledge as possible, so that no one is ever taken advantage of or can ever be victimized.

Dr. Buttar’s mission on an organizational level defining his professional goals has been to create and provide medical advances and therapies which impact lives for the better.

To date, a number of Dr. Buttar’s innovations based on reproducible observations and confirmed by scientific research have resulted in highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies which have dramatically impacted and benefited the world already.

However, recognize that this type of purpose driven mindset threatens the status quo, to the point of the messenger being misrepresented, censored, and even demonized.  But this is nothing new. Observing the past reveals these censored messengers are the ones remembered and always on the right side of history.

Is TAP™ For You?

There are well over 325 videos below, from over the 1,000 members of the TAP™ into Reality Mindset Program, from all over the world. All TAP™ Members know one thing… that we ARE creators, and as such, fully capable of creating the world WE want. TAP™ is the actual RESET! As you’ll discover, these are NOT just mere words.

There are already over six thousand more who wish to join TAP™ but currently TAP™ is not open for new members.  However, in the near future, TAP™ will open registration again but ONLY one more time and for 72 hours ONLY.  After that, TAP™  will never be opened again.  

Whether you choose to join the TAP™ into Reality Mindset Program, partake in any of the 11 different incredible life changing opportunities and become part of the phenomenal  community of the 1000+ extraordinary like-minded individual members of TAP™  or not, just remember the following words by Dr. Buttar:

“Everything in life comes down to choices.  It’s YOUR choice.  So make it a good one!”

2nd Chances Are Rare...

If you want to join the TAP™ into Reality Mindset Program and help to “make the CHANGE the WORLD is waiting for”, you’ll have a chance to do so before Thanksgiving, 2021. If you want to control the outcome of the reality that YOU are in the process of creating, then click below to gain immediate access to the original TAP™ Webinar and to be notified about updates to TAP™ and when it will open again. 

For all who register, you’ll receive an invitation in the near future to watch Day 1 of the TAP Training Program, completely FREE of charge!  This training will be 5 hours worth of life-changing content that you can take immediate action on.  But this content will only be available to you for 72 hours from the time it’s announced.  And it will only be available for those who actually take the time to apply to join TAP™

For all who apply and are accepted into TAP, you will have lifetime access to this same content, in addition to all 5 and a half hours of the 2nd day of training, as well as an additional 30 hours of original TAP content, plus all the hours of bonus materials, self improvement courses, books, audio, webinars, opportunities, and unique access to investment vehicles few outside of TAP™ even know exist.  

All you need to do to take advantage of this unique “once in a lifetime” training opportunity consisting of Day 1 of the TAP Training Program, which others paid over a thousand dollars to access, is click on the link above and get registered.   You’ll be notified automatically when the TAP Training Day 1 becomes available to watch for FREE!  And you’ll be one of the few that get a 2nd chance to join an incredibly unique and highly motivated group of people who are already in the process of changing history!  We invite you to meet some of them below (and on the next 13 pages) and hear them express in their own words what TAP means to them!

What The TAP™ Program Means To Me?